We believe in safety first. City Light & Power and our employees are especially aware and alert to any safety hazards at our work sites. We seek to mitigate risk of injury by strictly following proven safety protocols, without fail, in all situations and at all work locations.

The nature of the level of danger and potential risk when working with high-powered electrical equipment including transmission and distribution systems, transformers and other equipment common to the electric utility industry requires a high degree of training and competency to ensure the safety of all involved. CLP adheres to all OSHA safety regulations as well as industry best practices and internal safety regulations and safety protocols that we have developed over decades of providing safe working conditions as an electric utility constructor and operator.

City Light & Power personnel are keenly aware of safety. Our engineers and technicians adhere to all rules concerning proper handling of power supply systems, electrical circuits and related equipment. Our technicians use double-insulated tools and lockout/tagout practices to avoid shock hazard injuries, as prescribed by OSHA. These are but a few of a long list of safety practices that are in place at CLP job sites to ensure the safety of our employees and others who come into close contact with any electrical equipment at our operating locations.