City Light & Power provides electric utility services, project financing and electrical engineering and design services to a variety of organizations across the U.S. We specialize in specific market segments.


Since the introduction of Utility Privatization (UP), City Light & Power has established long-term relationships with the U.S. armed services, providing engineering, construction, operation and maintenance for electrical transmission and distribution projects of all kinds, including complex and extensive system upgrades for U.S. Army and Air Force installations all over the U.S. This is our Federal market segment.
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Our Municipal market segment includes a wide variety of projects including operation and maintenance of private utility services for cities; street lighting installation, maintenance and financing; and custom engineering of projects such as design, engineering and installation of solar-powered, emergency backup pump motor operations for a major California city’s water supply, as well as many other types of projects for other municipal customers.
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Our Utility market segment includes design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of above-ground and below-ground power distribution systems, with an eye to providing utility and co-op customers the highest level of customer service. Our utility design, engineering and construction services prioritize system safety, reliability and resilience, which are vital to create a reliable electrical infrastructure network. CLP has a depth of experience in the design, construction and delivery of end-to-end solutions for power distribution systems of all types and sizes. Our goal, as it has been since our founding, is to deliver the infrastructure that meets the specific needs of each utility customer.
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From traditional power generation plants to renewable energy generation and battery storage facilities operating “off the grid,” the way we source and deliver electrical energy is undergoing a significant expansion. What was a vague concept a decade ago has suddenly become reality. Designing and building business-owned or city-owned microgrids and similar distributed generation infrastructure, and concepts like electric vehicle (EV) charging networks are happening every day. CLP’s Energy market segment is fueled by creative and highly skilled engineering and financing teams focused on partnering with customers who wish to redefine the way their energy is generated, sourced, shipped and received. We will help you achieve your vision. 
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