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With four decades’ experience developing utility solutions, City Light & Power designs, develops and finances power distribution infrastructure systems for customers across the United States. In addition to utility privatization contracts with federal government and municipal customers, we work with utilities and electric co-ops, educational institutions, and commercial and industrial customers to engineer, manage, and finance infrastructure updates, energy efficiency upgrades and similar projects.

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Prolonged Outages: Eliminated

The Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground was battling 2,000,000 linear feet of outdated power lines and switching stations. Prolonged outages and component failures were common until CLP created a vastly upgraded 35kV system which allows 45MVA per main distribution loop that supports 800A and 600A nominal ratings. 

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Committed to the U.S. Military

Through our close working partnerships with the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force, CLP is strongly committed to the men and women serving our country and their families.

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A Microgrid In Your Future?

The move to develop microgrids to supply local energy needs is becoming a popular concept for many municipalities and large organizations. CLP has the capability to plan, engineer, construct, finance, own and manage microgrids.

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